Natural Ramie

Ramie Gentle Exfoliator Pouf 100% Natural Ramie Fibres Ramie is a natural fibre originating from a Chinese Nettle (that does not sting). With resistance to bacteria and mildew. Use in a circular motion to cleanse and exfoliate when showering. Very gently buff away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal softer skin. Rinse thoroughly after use, hang up and allow to air dry. Vegan Friendly Planet Safe Made in China Price includes VAT; Delivery is Included (mainland UK only) :



Shower Oil Spray 250ml Olive Oil + added Squalane (Olive) + Coenzyme Q10 Vegan Friendly Ocean Safe Made in Italy -COMING SOON- Price includes VAT; Delivery is Included (mainland UK only) :


Wood Spa Wares – Handmade in England, by Rebecca Britton

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Store Shower Oils in original airtight lightproof container, within a cool dark space; to ensure they remain stabilised and effective. External use only. Keep out of reach of children.